Applause By Tiffany Gibbs©


What do you do when noone claps for you?
Do you crawl into a hole of ineptitude?
Do you begin to loathe your accomplishments?
And mull over what the silence meant?

Or do you rejoice in what you’ve been given?
Do you break the silence and keep on living?
Press forward and claim what’s already yours,
What business do you have with silence
When life has given you more?

God applauds you
And that’s all that matters
He placed every rung on that ascending ladder
He opened every door before your face
So what if they don’t congratulate,
You have His grace!

In the midst of every blessing
Seek His face
Don’t become discouraged by the silence
Move forward in the way God made.



At war
With the world it seems
This melanin in my skin
Makes some believe it is a sin
That I live
And if not me, those I would reproduce
My family, my kin
Doesn’t matter if you got a little or a lot
This melanin might still get you shot
And it grieves my soul
Because like the majority of this country,
The “American Dream” is my goal
I acquired thousands in debt
To have confederate flags plastered on my dorm walls
That melanin on me
Always causing trouble…
You know, it gets me followed
A threat
Paired with this tightly coiled hair
And then I speak
And my choice of words and education defy the melanin in my skin
They comment “You’re so articulate!”
Is that to my benefit?
After, I slip into
African American vernacular
But it’s this melanin the world is after
It adopts, appropriates, and chops
And when it’s convenient,
It drops it – stops this melanin cold
Blood cries out from the earth
Melanin was the case that they gave me.

– Tiffany Michele Gibbs