Thank You to Our Followers!


Thank you to all of you who have come across our page, liked our posts, or commented! We are writers seeking to not only share what we are doing,  but also to connect with others. I (Tiffany) try to check out your blogs, follow, and read. Thank you for a glimpse at your lives, our collective craft (creating), support,  and tips to improve. I’m learning a lot, so please keep following us and we’ll do the same.

We write because we love it, because we must, because that’s what we believe God has put us here to do. Be on the lookout for more from us – The Hole – Book Two; The Moon (shortened title), and more!


Thank You!


Thank you all for your support of The Hole: Book One! Please continue to support us, spread the word, and also provide feedback on our Facebook, Dameon and Tiffany Gibbs Author Page!

Look out for The Hole:Book Two – The Women, The Money, &The Beefing in coming months by Willie Gibbs, as well as other projects by Dameon and Tiffany (Michele) Gibbs!