The Hole – Reviewed by the Afro-American Paper


The Hole – Reviewed by the Afro-American Paper

The Hole is already getting positive press! Special thanks to the Afro-American Newspaper for their review!


3 thoughts on “The Hole – Reviewed by the Afro-American Paper

  1. Michael

    The Hole is a heart felt book with action,comedy,drama,thriller all packed into one extradordinary story seen through the eyes of one man’s life and what he went through growing up in West Baltimore which he came to name it the Hole,where his will,health,and mental state would be tested at the blink of an eye at a spontaneous moment which was unforseen,but found the strength,ability and courage to overcome the trials and tribulations that the Hole had to offer him and climbed his way back to the top with pure determination along with the decision to be different and humble in life.He decicided not to take ever waking second for granted as he came to realize the breath of life could be taken away from you at any random time without warning,Such an inspiring story a must read.

  2. Dameon Gibbs

    The time that you have been waiting for and hearing about is near. With only one more day until you are able to get your hands on The Hole: Book One. It has been an exciting ride and come tomorrow, we hope you enjoy The Hole as much as we enjoyed writing it. Thank you all.

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