Baltimore Book Festival!


We made our debut at the Baltimore Book Festival and we definitely see it as a success! Being newbies to the book festival circuit, we did not have high expectations. We hoped to meet some people and hopefully sell a few books.

Table display

Dameon did a great job of choosing our spot. Not only were we in the shade all day, but we were in the midst of awesome people. One of the awesome folks we had the privilege to sit next to was Kourtney Heintz!

We learned a lot from the authors around us and in general, everyone was SO gracious and willing to help. We’ve taken our notes for the next set of festivals events and hope to make an even stronger showing next time.

Dameon - Author's Tent

We were truly blessed on Saturday and the outpouring of support from friends and family was AMAZING. I got surprised and nearly brought to tears by friends from undergrad coming from near and far to visit our table. Not to mention to texts, calls, and visits from our church family, biological family, friends that are like family…it was so great and my heart is still so full. Thank you all!

RMC Reunion

Dameon & Corey

Dameon & Tiffany 2

Dameon & Tiffany Gibbs

Dameon signing book


Tiffany signing book