About Dameon and Tiffany Gibbs


Dameon and Tiffany Gibbs

Dameon Gibbs graduated from Salisbury University with his M.A in Classical History Studies and B.A in World History and Anthropology. He has been an avid writer since his days in high school during the late 1990’s.

He enjoys the creative process of all writing genres, whether it be religious, poetic, science fiction, historical, biographies or action adventure.

Tiffany Michele graduated from Towson University with her M.S. in Human Resource Development and received her B.A. in English and Psychology from Randolph-Macon College.

Tiffany has been writing since she was nine-years-old. Her work includes poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction for children, teens, and adults.

Tiffany is realizing a lifelong dream of publishing her work and making it available to the world. Tiffany is also an avid blogger. Check out her work at www.reconstructingtiffany.blogspot.com.

Tiffany is married to fellow author, Dameon Gibbs.


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